Monday, December 14, 2015

Traditional embroidered jewelry

This post is not beadwork related but it's about something I've been working lately.

I made a small collection of traditionally inspired jewels for the Show of the National Carpet which took place in the Moldovan capital Chisinau the last Saturday. I really enjoyed working on this collection!

I had an idea in the beginning of this year to try to make some cross stitch jewelry with traditional Moldovan motifs. So I made a few pendants which went as birthday gifts for my friends and relatives during the year. Everyone liked them and I felt that I should make some more pieces and participate in a thematic fair. The Show of the National Carpet was the perfect event and my collection of cross stitch embroidered jewelry fitted very well. I called the collection "Moldavica".

Here are some of the pieces for your delight! :)


  1. It looks very interesting. I remember the square patterns were on my grandma's pillows, also made with cross stitch.

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