Tuesday, October 27, 2015

New Beading Tutorial - "In Bloom" beaded earrings

Good evening fellow beaders!

I've been playing with my beads as I often like to do and designed some delicate and romantic earrings. I called them "In Bloom" as they remind me of flowers blossoming.

These beadwoven earrings are made in two color combinations: the first is bronze and the second is made in gentle pink shades. They are made with round glass beads, 11/0 seed beads and small daggers beads.

Here goes the pair with bronze 11/0 seed beads (Toho 221) and rainbow frosted dark topaz 11/0 seed beads (Toho 162CF).

For the pink pair I used inside color lined terracotta luster 11/0 seed beads (Toho 186) and transparent frosted rosaline 11/0 seed beads (Toho 11F). 

And the two earrings together :)

The beading tutorial for "In Bloom" earrings is available in my  ETSY SHOP  and  CRAFTSY SHOP.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy beading! :)

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