Sunday, October 11, 2015

"Wheel of Time" color experiment

I decided to make a little color experiment. I had a pack of blue turquoise opaque two-hole superduo beads and wanted to see how this color would look combined with different color seed beads. The seed beads I chose are autumnal and look perfect together, but let's see how they look with blue :)

I used my earring pattern "Wheel of Time" for this color adventure.

First I made the earring with jonquil /burnt orange inside lined seed beads (Toho 950). This color combination is a classical one, as blue and orange are complementary colors in the color wheel. They go well together and one can never fail if decides to use this color combo in making jewelry, or anything else.

Then I made the earrings with transparent rainbow smokey topaz seed beads (Toho 117). This is how it looks together with the orange earring. I think they are wonderful! :)

And then I used the yellow inside color lined seed beads (Toho 192).

And, here are all the earrings together! I like the result :) Colorful and bright!
I could wear them combined, why not? Or use all these elements to create a new piece of jewelry, the colors are wonderful to be used together :)

The beading pattern for these earrings can be found    HERE


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